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Anonymous asked: i read citt bc of u and i love love love ap huh and gong jooyong. i hope they'll reunite and be happy. also i kinda hate jung???? i hope sul knows those bad things jung did and jung actually feel sorry and get to be a better person or else she better end up with in ho~! but i'm still stuck at season 3 chapter 3 so i dont know if it already happen or not....

ahhhhhhh your message has made me soooo happy T_T thank you soso much for sending me this ughhh

im so glad you like ap huh and gong jooyong (i always mess up this guy’s name ugh sry >_<) because i really loved them and i hated how jung just mercilessly tore them apart TT i want sul and jung to break up because i think that staying w/ him is sooo dangerous @@ but i actually do like him as a character because i think he is very interesting!! it just annoys me though when people just seem to forget all the crap he did b4 

yeahh i support in ho x sul ^W^ and hmmm you could try reading the summaries (ch16-36 summaries i think are still missing though ahhh) but that’s up to you!! anyways i’m so happy i got you into citt anon! thank you ^O^ <333

you can find summaries here or @ the webtoonlive forums ^W^ http://z13.invisionfree.com/CITTforums/index.php? in case you needed this!

Anonymous asked: Mew? cyndaquil?

sorry i don’t do those requests anymore or i guess atm >< that post was.. rly old haha i did find this rly old mew pixel tho: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbjhw4lPeE1qkuemxo1_r2_400.png kinda embarrassing >_<;